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Produce intelligent online surveys quickly and effortlessly with Qsmart's highly intuitive user interface. Qsmart is the leading edge in online information harvesting and analysis for market and social research, customer feedback, HR & training assessment surveys, graduate/post graduate/distance eduction feedback, conference/expo surveys, website polls and much more.

Qsmart's customer base throughout Australia, USA and New Zealand includes universities, market and social research agencies, marketing and training consultants, small, medium and large companies, government and not for profit organisations, sports/affinity clubs.

Better respondent engagement delivers better quality data

With Qsmart you'll get better engagement with survey respondents. And the better the engagement, the better your participation, completion volumes and final data quality will be.

Qsmart's dynamic question format, with in-built question logic, delivers true complex routing and filtering. You can easily set logic rules to ask your respondents relevant questions based on their answers. Our advanced logic features enable you to design a range of simple – through to highly complex rules across a wide range of question types.

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Easy to use; quicker to launch

Qsmart is easy to use and understand. It simplifies the design, build, edit and launch functions for you. That means you can get your surveys on the internet and find the answers faster. Easy edit facilities ensure total flexibility up to and after the launch of your survey. Qsmart is undoubtedly the easiest, fastest way to launch an online survey, no matter what you need to find out.

Graphical Interface for specific branding, plus image and audio / video inclusion .

Qsmart's fully graphical interface means you can integrate images, audio and video as part of your questionnaires. You also have full control over survey colour schemes so your surveys can mirror overall branding strategy.

Full multi-user access

Unlike other solutions, Qsmart provides multi–user access for your organisation at no extra cost. You can specify different levels of access for individuals, such as read survey data only or view/edit specific or all company surveys.

Clear reporting

Once you've launched your online survey, Qsmart's powerful reporting and analysis capabilities deliver the answers in a clear, graphic manner that sharpens the focus. Charts and graphs can be downloaded in PDf format or printed for company distribaution. Naturally all reporting is in real time so you can track progress and response patterns as the data is collected. For detailed analysis your data is easily extracted in your choice of formats including CSV (excel) TXT and XML.

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You pay only for completed survey responses

With Qsmart you only pay for the responses you receive. There are no annual subscriptions or license payments. Our rates are results based and highly cost effective. The higher the response volume, the lower the rate is.

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One-on-one training lets you produce your Own Surveys  within 1-2 hours

Qsmart provides full one-on-one training for new users and most new users are up and running with their own survey designs within 1 - 2 hours. Everything you need to design, build and rapidly edit your online survey is available in one user-friendly screen. You'll only need fundamental computer skills and a question script to produce intelligent, professional surveys that deliver clear, actionable feedback.

Qsmart's customised survey design service.

If you're short on time and resources we can rapidly turn your paper based survey or even a rough list of questions into a dynamic online survey that's going to deliver robust and reliable marketplace feedback very economically indeed.. The majority of surveys we build for our clients are ready for final editing in 3-5 hours. 

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