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Torque on Demand

Fully integrated

Torque on demand is a fully integrated business solution which is delivered as a hosted and fully supported environment. Our fully secure 'cloud computing' environment means that your employees can access the fully featured system to transact your buisiness from anywhere in the world 24 hours a day, but we can also build web pages to allow your business partners ( customers, agents, suppliers ) to participate fully in your processes.

We have been delivering 'leading edge' solutions to businesses in the finance and asset management industries for the last 16 years. More recently, we have expanded the reach and functionality of the system to accommodate other industries and can now offer Catalogue Management solutions integrated with Stock Management and Manufacturing as required.

E-commerce features can be delivered in a number of ways, Typical solutions provide dynamic pdf documents ( Quotes, Orders, Invoices) which the system can email to the intended recipients. More sophisticated solutions include web-sites designed to provide a portal for the business partner to interact directly with the database.

Our unique environment means that you can deliver live access to the production database, this means that all processes are in 'real time'. In the SAFEACCESS solution the job can be in manufacturing literally minutes after the order has been placed in the web catalogue system.