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Case Study - Sykes Equipment Finance

Vendor Finance Made Easy

SE Rentals is a 100% Australian owned vendor finance specialist. They have operated in this industry sector for 15 years and for most of those years they have used Torque on demand software to log, track and manage their entire busines. 

"We are second to none as far as efficiency of the deal is concerned, thanks to the Torque system.  And one of the big benefits we didn't anticiapte was the reduction in office space needed due to the fact we had so much less paperwork!" - SEF CEO Steve Sykes


Although specialising in equipment business finance, SEF will supply finance for pretty much anything. Their subsidiary company S E Rentals Pty Limited offers enormous flexibility. Five funders compete for the business plus they can supply theirown funds. Theyare therefore always competitive as well as offering access to far greater lines of credit than any single source of funding.

SEF specialize in processing credit applications from the cradle to the grave undertaking all of the administration functions. Consequently they are able to introduce extremely cost effective and well priced business.

Vendor Finance

SEF's flexibility helps vendors sell equipment. Being competitive and with high approval ratios makes them the ideal partner to involve in vendor-driven marketing initiatives and sales incentive programmes.


SEF is a volume finance house writing in excess of $50 million each year in quality finance business. Their funders perform a 'wholesale' function where their main input is to advise a cost of funds and assist in completing credit approval decisions.

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